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16th International R&D Conference



16th International R&D Conference

Last week, the beautiful historic city of Ghent, Belgium provided the perfect setting for our 16th international R&D conference. Bringing together licensees and Protech Group colleagues from across the globe, the event was a dynamic mix of learning, networking, and fun.


At the heart of our conference were a series of training sessions and lectures. Over three days, our experts and guest speakers shared the latest advancements in powder coating technology, sparking innovation and equipping our attendees with the knowledge to drive future developments. The exchange of ideas and collaborative spirit was remarkable, making this an invaluable experience.


Ghent’s rich history and cultural vibrancy provided a stunning backdrop. We explored the beautiful medieval architecture and the many waterways in the city.

A graffiti tour offered a unique perspective on the city’s artistic side and made us more attentive to the many artworks throughout Ghent, highlighting the famous legal graffiti street where we watched artists at work. We also dived into the older history by visiting the Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen), a fortress with a rich history dating back nearly a century.


Plenty of fun activities balanced the technical powder coating sessions. These moments of leisure were not only enjoyable but also essential for team building and recharging our creative energies. Tuesday afternoon, we learned about the graffiti and the artists behind the works in Ghent. Afterward, we tried it ourselves and let our creativity go wild.

A Virtual Reality experience allowed us to explore activities such as bowling, archery, clay dove shooting, baseball, etc. They also offer group games and ‘the plank’ – simulating a fall from the top of a skyscraper in New York – providing a challenge for some. Lastly, the group enjoyed a chocolate workshop where we learned about chocolate and made pralines, a Belgian delicacy.


Fantastic dinners marked our evenings, offering more than just delicious Belgian cuisine. They were an opportunity to build relationships, share insights, and foster a warm atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of personal connections in professional growth. Laughter and stories flowed freely, creating bonds lasting long after the conference.


The conference concluded with a visit to Protech’s Ghentian production plant. Seeing our team in action and understanding the intricacies of our powder coating production lines was both educational and inspiring. It reinforced the high standards and dedication that highlight our commitment to innovation and quality.

In short, the R&D conference in Ghent was a remarkable success: Blending knowledge-sharing, cultural exploration, and team bonding into an unforgettable experience. We’re already looking forward to the next event and the innovations in powder coating it will bring. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to making this conference a highlight of the year.


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