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The nylon thermoplastic​ solution.


The nylon thermoplastic​ solution.

Many specific products we see and use on a daily basis require special attention to make sure it is hard-wearing and tough, to extend the product lifetime and overall durability.

DURALON™ is a two-coat thermoplastic coating solution, which is primarily nylon-based for a higher durometer and temperature resistance.

How does it work?

DURALON™ is formulated with nylon for a higher durometer and temperature resistance. It adheres with an initial primer coat.

Main features

  • Two coat system.
  • UV, corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent durability.


Color reference chart

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We stand by our products, even when things don’t go quite as planned. From cleaning and phosphating all the way to the final cured film appearance, we are here to help address your issues with proven solutions.

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Care & maintenance

To ensure the life of your asset is maximized, a simple and regular maintenance program should be implemented.

Contact our experts for specific tips and advice on cleaning.

Melting PointISO 3146176 °C
Density @ 23 °CISO 11831.06 g/cm³
Shore Hardness DISO 86875
Ball Indentation HardnessISO 2039-1101 N/mm²
Tensile Test
Stress at yield
Strain at yield
Strain at break
ISO 527-1
ISO 527-2
42 Mpa
> 100%
Volume ResistivityIEC 6009310¹² Ω ⋅ m
Dielectric Breakdown VoltageIEC 60243-185 kV/mm
Water Absorption – 100 °C, immersionISO 621.65 %
Moisture Absorption
23 °C, 96 % h. r.
23 °C, 50 % h. r.
ISO 621.2 %
0.5 %
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
23 – 55 °C
ISO 113591.04 10-4 ⋅K-1
Thermal ConductivityDIN 526120.22 – 0.27 W/mK
Specific HeatDIN 537652.35 J/g ⋅ K
Taber Abrasion – CS17, 500gASTM D2247


Consumer Goods & Appliances


  • Appliances
  • Interior Components