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DURALLOY™ is a thermoplastic, two-layer, primarily nylon-based coating solution.


The glass thermoplastique thermoplastic solution

Glass is frequently used for functional or decorative applications. It offers multiple advantages and a unique look, but it has a main weakness, it can break. Bringing safety and protection to all types of glassware is essential.

GLAS-LOK® is single coat, primer-free, BPA-free, high strength adhesive thermoplastic coating solution which provides shattering protection for glass pieces while preserving the original glass appearance.

How does it work ?

GLAS-LOK® is formulated as a functionalized polyethylene copolymer that specializes in glass adhesion, to improve mechanical resistance to fragile products. It can be applied by fluidized bed or electrostatic spray.

Main features

  • Shatterproof coating that protects both the user from injuries and the product itself
  • Chemical, scratch and chip resistance.
  • Preserves the original product appearance with a high gloss, high transparency finish
  • Helps extends product lifetime and safety through a protective coat.


Consumer products & appliances

  • Glassware
  • Glass decorations

Commercial& industrial

  • Lighting
  • Packaging
  • Medical supplies


Stock colors

Select one of the many stock colors that are readily available for processing.

Color reference chart

Get inspired from a broad range of standard colors. Request a RAL fan deck or ask one of our experts.

Custom formulations

Talk to your coating expert regarding custom formulations to fit your exact needs.


We stand by our products, even when things don’t go quite as planned. From cleaning and phosphating all the way to the final cured film appearance, we are here to help address your issues with proven solutions.

Contact our experts for tailored support.

Care & maintenance

To ensure the life of your asset is maximised, a simple and regular maintenance program should be implemented.

Contact our experts for specific tips and advice of cleaning.

Specific GravityASTM D7920.943 g/cm3
AdhesionASTM D4541>1,527 PSI (10.7MPa)
HardnessASTM D224050
Impact ResistanceASTM D2794>384 in./Lbs. (43 Joules)
Tensile StrengthASTM G6382207 PSI (15.2MPa)
Elongation (%)ASTM D638305%
QUVASTM G532,000 hours, no significant change in color or gloss
Taber AbrasionASTM D406061 mg loss, CS 17 wheel
Flexibility (Conical Mandrel Bend)ASTM D5221/8 in (3.2mm), no cracks (>32%)
Melt IndexASTM D123832