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The odor control specialty material.


The odor control​ specialty material.

Instead of more traditional methods of releasing fragrances into the environment, polymers such as recycled plastic, resin, and rubber play an essential role in everyday life. However, polymers can develop nasty odors during the manufacturing process as well as during end-use, so much so, that they become unpleasant to handle or work with.

IONICGUARD is a state-of-the-art odor control system designed to enhance processed plastic products. It is a synergistic combination of fragrance and odor neutralization ingredients that deliver scientifically proven performance.

How does it work?

While competitive technology attempts to shroud malodor molecules without bonding, IONICGUARD utilizes active odor neutralization, with proprietary ingredients that ionically and covalently bond to malodor molecules.

These bonds are strong enough to convert the lighter, volatile malodor molecules into larger, heavier, non-volatile molecules that cannot be detected by the human sense of smell.

Main features

  • Primarily designed as an additive for POLYESSENCE.
  • Unique active odor neutralization technology.
  • Effectively neutralizes 95% of odors, including, but not limited to ammonia, Diethyl Amine, Indole, Skatole, ISO Valeric Acid, Methyl Mercaptan, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mildew, Food Odor, Pet Odor & Urine, Smoke, and Body Odor.
  • Can be custom formulated for several market applications and OEM processing methods.


Color reference chart

Get inspired by a broad range of standard colors.

Visit our Color Finder page for inspiration.

Custom formulations

Talk to your coating expert regarding custom formulations to fit your exact needs.



IONICGUARD can be formulated to be compliant with certain guidelines.

Ask our experts to see what different types of compliance, certification, or accreditation are available for your product.


IONICGUARD can be tested on demand for various properties.

  • Malodor Intensity
  • Release
  • Viscat Softening Point
  • Density
  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Pellet Count


Consumer goods and appliances

  • Trash Bags & FIlms
  • Medical Products
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Pet Care
  • Auto & Home Care