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speciality materials

The flood ​protection barrier.


The flood ​protection barrier.

Floods are recognized as one of the most widespread natural hazards. Actual tendencies and observations on climate change indicate that the frequency and magnitude of extreme events, such as floods, will increase in the upcoming years.

OXYSAC™ is a flood protection barrier that acts as both a physical barrier to block out water and as a chemical barrier by absorbing the water it’s in contact with.

How does it work?

The absorbing properties come from the super absorbent polymer that transforms into a gel and grows in volume as more liquid is absorbed.

Simply submerge OXYSAC™ in freshwater minutes and use the expanded OXYSAC™ to build a barrier.

Main features

  • Lightweight for fast deployment.
  • Safe, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • A low-cost preventative measure to avoid major damage and financial loss for homes or businesses.
  • Packaged in a moisture-proof vacuum bag to ensure long shelf life
  • A functional solution that saves the hassle of filling and transporting heavy sandbags
  • Reusable once dried (When in contact with non-contaminated water)



OXYSAC™ can be formulated to be compliant with certain guidelines.

Ask our experts to see what different types of compliance, certification, or accreditation are available for your product.



  • Flood prevention

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