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The low-bake thermoset powder coating solution.


The low-bake thermoset powder coating solution.

Manufacturers recognize the impact that product materials and processes, including coating finishes, have on energy consumption and the environment. Businesses are also aware of the impact of rising energy prices and the challenges of ongoing availability and supply, which means finding new ways of working in a world that cares more about its future. 

LB-SERIES™ is a specially formulated thermoset powder coating solution that reduces baking temperature and curing time, thereby consuming less energy and accelerating production.  

LB-SERIES™ is a unique system where curing temperatures are roughly 20 to 30°C lower (between 140°C and 170°C), cutting energy consumption and costs up to 25%. Adapting LB-SERIES™ also improves productivity with an average 20% faster cure time.

  • Significantly less energy consumption translates to energy cost savings. 
  • Lower impact on the environment, supporting corporate sustainability objectives.
  • Increased line productivity and time savings, creating greater efficiencies and delivering lower costs.

  • No compromise on the physical or chemical properties of the current coating formulation.​
  • A broad range of stock colors and textures are readily available.​
  • Free cost-saving calculations are available through our experts.​
  • Can be combined with some other Protech Group coating features.

PRE-TREATMENTFor steel and Aluminum–Phosphating or Zirconium, Media blast or other suitable surface treatment
APPLICATION CONDITIONSElectrostatic powder spray 40 to 100 kv​
FILM THICKNESSFor normal usage 3.0 to 8.0 mils (Color and finish type related)
HARDNESSHB to 4H (Formulation related)​
SPECIFIC GRAVITY1.2 to 1.75 (Color related)​
COVERAGE160 to 110 ft² / lbs / mil at 100% efficiency (Color related)​
8-10 minutes at 280ºF (138ºC) Super low-temperature cure​
8-10 minutes at 320ºF (160ºC) Low-temperature cure​
2-6 Minutes at 400 (205ºC) Fast Cure


Custom formulations

Talk to your coating expert regarding custom formulations to fit your exact needs.

Stock colors

Select one of the many stock colors that are readily available for processing.

Color reference chart

Get inspired by a broad range of standard colors. Request a RAL fan deck or ask one of our experts.



We stand by our products, even when things don’t go quite as planned. From cleaning and phosphating all the way to the final cured film appearance, we are here to help address your issues with proven solutions.

Contact our experts for tailored support. 

Care and maintenance

To ensure the life of your asset is maximized, a simple and regular maintenance program should be implemented.

Contact our experts for specific tips and advice on cleaning.


LB-SERIES™ formulations can also contribute to sustainable building certifications and credits including LEED, BREEAM, and more.

Ask our experts to see what different types of compliance, certification, or accreditation are available in your area.

LB-SERIES™ can be formulated to be compliant with certain guidelines, including QUALICOAT standards. 

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