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A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture support high performance and the Protech Group’s social licence to operate in the many communities, which host our operations. The Protech Group benefits from bringing together people of different genders, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and ages and giving them the opportunity to apply their diverse skills, experiences and perspectives to commit to customer success.

As a truly global company, we seek to attract and retain talent at all levels from the countries in which it operates and to provide workplaces in which employees from all backgrounds are treated with respect, feel included and are supported to succeed.

We seek to build and maintain a company culture in which difference is respected and valued, and in which the interests of diverse stakeholders are taken into account in decision-making. This Policy covers all employees, at every level and in every part of our business.


  • We believe that a continuous transformation to a more inclusive culture will involve and engage everyone within the Protech Group. It will generate energy and ideas, forge networks and connections, and encourage high performing and collaborative teams.
  • Our Commitment covers all dimensions of diversity. We believe that by embracing diversity and working together, we will deliver the best possible solutions for our people, customers and stakeholders. Our success and performance are built on our ability to embrace diversity.
  • An inclusive workplace promotes openness, respect and welcomes individual perspectives. We value diversity of thought and promote a culture where people feel respected and connected to the Protech Group’s successes.

Our principles

We aim to reinforce a culture of inclusion through leadership commitment and employee engagement, and by embedding principles and policies, like this one, that involve everyone in our organization.

  • We require that all employees are treated fairly and with respect and dignity as detailed in our Code of Conduct.
  • We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment in the workplace on the grounds of gender or gender identity, race, colour, nationality or cultural origin, age, political beliefs or activity protected by applicable laws, religion, sexual orientation, impairment or disability, marital or parental status or pregnancy or employment status (e.g. fixed term, part-time or temporary work).
  • The basis for appointment, advancement, performance appraisal and remuneration within the Protech Group is competence, performance and behaviour in line with our values. We may in addition look to favour local employment where appropriate.
  • We ensure that wherever we operate, the Protech Group employees recognise and respect the heritage, culture, lifestyle and preferences of the local communities, which host the Company’s operations.
  • The Protech Group Standards and Procedures support the workforce participation of employees with carers’ responsibilities by making reasonable provision for their needs in line with local employment legislation and market practice.


If any coworker believes that someone is violating the Protech Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy or the law, they are asked to report it immediately to their direct manager or their local Human Resources representative. We are committed to ensuring that any complaints are dealt with fairly, thoroughly, confidentially and in a timely manner.