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antislip, powder coating, thermoset, thermoset powder coating

The Protech Group offers you a wide range of Anti-Slip coatings, with either a normal or low-cure baking window. Both are available in a wide range of color options.

These coatings are exceptionally abrasion-resistant, retaining roughness and color for optimum performance. Striving for effective anti-slip functionality with maximum safety is key.

Anti-slip coatings are not only ideal for aluminum but also show impressive results on steel. It is recommended to use a primer on steel substrates for extra corrosion protection, which extends the life of the coating.


The PE44 anti-slip has been tested on a (sloping) surface according to CEN/TS 16165 and DIN 51130, the so-called Pendulum test (PTV). This test guarantees abrasion-resistance and anti-slip functionality, even on wet surfaces, with slopes of up to 35°. The use of safety shoes guarantees a realistic imitation of the working environment.

According to DIN 51130, there are five slip resistance classes as shown below, with PE44 achieving anti-slip class R12.

Average gradientClassSuitable environments
6° to10°R9Inside: entrance, stairs, cafeteria, etc.
More than 10° to 19°R10Sanitary facilities, laboratories, practice rooms, etc.
More than 19° to 27°R11Outside: entrance & stairs. Bakeries, cheese making, etc.
More than 27° to 35°R12Fast food kitchens, deep fryers, rinse rooms, etc.
More than 35°R13Slaughterhouses, meat (processing), etc.

According to BS 7967-2, PE44 anti-slip achieves PTV 49 on a wet surface and PTV 64 on a dry surface.

Watch the video demonstrating the PE44 ANTISLIP coating test.

Case Study

In an extensive case study, the anti-slip coating was intensively tested on steps. For months, they were used in an industrial setting and walked by hundreds of people wearing safety shoes every day. Due to the intensive use, the stairs and the coating were highly soiled, after which they were cleaned with common industrial products. The coating not only showed retention of roughness and consequently anti-slip properties but also proved easy to clean. The color retention after this thorough test and cleaning highlights the durability of this product.

On the left, you can see the used staircase, on the right you can see the partially cleaned step.

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