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The solid fragrance & flavor concentrate specialty material.


The solid fragrance & flavor concentrate specialty material.

Instead of more traditional methods of releasing fragrances into the environment such as candles and sprays, fragrances are now increasingly being embedded in consumer goods such as bags, storage containers, and hygiene films, sachets, air fresheners to impart scent into the environment.

POLYESSENCE® is a high-performing flavor or fragrance concentrate designed as an additive to your plastic components. The versatile additive is ideal for polymer-based applications including multilayer, blow-molded containers, and injection molding.

How does it work ?

Our proprietary POLYESSENCE® formulations are complex mixtures of fragrance materials that are dispersed in a unique, multi-component polymer alloy. These concentrates can be used in their

original form, or molded or extruded to suit your needs. POLYESSENCE® is compatible with PE, PP, EVA, and PVC.

Main features

  • Color, flavor, and fragrance matching capabilities
  • Unique time-release properties
  • Can be custom formulated for several market applications and OEM processing methods
  • Packaged in vapor barrier containers
  • Scent-infused, dry to the touch, dust-free plastic pellets
  • Unique manufacturing process ensuring delicate fragrances are not damaged during processing


Consumer goods and appliances

  • Trash Bags & FIlms
  • Medical Products
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Pet Care
  • Janitorial & Sanitation
  • Air Care
  • Auto & Home Care


Color reference chart

Get inspired by a broad range of standard colors.

Visit our Color Finder page for inspiration.

Custom formulations

Talk to your coating expert regarding custom formulations to fit your exact needs.



POLYESSENCE® can be formulated to be compliant with certain guidelines.

Ask our experts to see what different types of compliance, certification, or accreditation are available for your product.


POLYESSENCE® can be tested on demand for various properties.

  • Fragrance Intensity
  • Release
  • Viscat Softening Point
  • Density
  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Pellet Count