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Cleaning and Phosphating

A. Inadequate Cleaning

B. Low phosphate coating weight (mg./sq.ft.)

C. Cleaning and/or phosphate solutions foaming

D. Streaked or spotted phosphate, white patterns

E. Flash rusting of parts

Oven Problems

A. Temperature does not equal set point

B. Pilot will not light

C. Main burner will not light

D. Coil won’t energize (electric)

Powder Application

A. Thin film

B. Poor penetration in Faraday areas

C. Back ionization

D. Powder surging or spitting

E. Poor spray pattern

Booth and Recovery Equipment

A. Poor powder containment

B. Contamination in reclaim powder

C. Poor transfer efficiency or powder utilization

Powder Feed

A. Powder drifting out of hopper

B. No air percolating through powder in fluidizer

C. Air channels through powder during fluidization

D. Restricted powder hoses and pumps

E. Insufficient powder feed

Cured film physical properties

A. Poor adhesion

B. Poor chemical resistance

C. low corrosion resistance

D. Poor impact or flexibility

E. Low harsness or abrasion resistance

Cured Film Appearance

A. Voids, craters or pinholes

B. Outgassing or blistering

C. High orange peel or roughness

D. Part surface contamination

E. Inconsistent film thickness

F. Picture Framing

G. Off-color or yellowing

H. Low gloss

I. High gloss

J. Coating pulls away from corners or welds